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About Us

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. established in September, 2001 is specialized in manufacturing of rigid printed circuit boards of double sided and multi-layer boards.
We are committed to keep up with on-going improvements over requirements in the marketplace through the enhancement of the core value inside the company for self-promoted and courage for facing new challenges to ensure customers' need.

Company Mission

    ● Top quality & reliability ● The most competitive & price ● Timely delivery and supply ● Excellent service & support ● Meet commitment & promise

System Certifications

    ● NEC Best supplier performance 2003 ● ISO 9001 certified in January 2003 ● Canon Certificate of Green Activity in Apr. 2005 ● Delta Green Product passed in Dec. 2005 ● ISO 14001 certified in February 2006 ● Samsung Best supplier award in Apr. 2006 ● ISO/TS 16949 certified in May 2006 ● Sony Green Partner certified in May 2006 ● Samsung Best supplier award in Mar. 2007 ● Samsung Best supplier award in June 2008 ● Cal-Comp Best Supplier award December 2009 ● Cal-Comp Best Service PCB Award December 2010 ● Samsung Best supplier award in December 2012 ● Cal-Comp Best Supplier award in December 2013

Quality Policy

Our intention is evident in everything we design, produce, test and deliver. It is this emphasis on quality, innovation, technology and complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions that drives our business and provides our customers with significant advantage in the marketplace. Therefore, we are committed

● Achieve customer needs
● Provide quality products to next process
● Focus quality as our first priority
● Emphasize continual improvements

Environmental Protection Policy

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd is fully aware importance of environmental impacts that are unavoidable and related to our manufacturing processes, thus it is our responsibility and commitment to protect the environment, our delication and continual improvement, we promise that we shall

● Conforming to requirements of environmental laws and regulations
● Improving continuously the prevention of pollutions
● Carrying out energy and resource-saving projects
● Implementing education and training in environment protection
● Reduce the amount of certain hazardous substance use by using other substances instead as well as control those substances in products and production processes to conform with RoHS, REACH regulation and customer requirement.
● Establishing communicating channel internally and externally with interested parties


“Company” means Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd
“Buyer” means the firm or company placing an order with the Company.



Company Profile

Thailand Company Name Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Founded September 2001
Chairman Mr. SM Wang
CEO Mr. Bill Chou
Thailand Address 39/234-236 Moo 2, Bangkrachao, Amphur Muang, Samutsakhon 74000 Thailand
Ground Area 140,000 M², APEX-1 35,000 M², APEX-2 105,000M²
Registered/Paid up Capital USD 40MIL/USD 40MIL
Employees 7,815
Quality Certificates APEX 1 : ISO-9001 (Y2003), QS-9000 (Y2004) ISO/TS 16949 (Y2006)
Quality Certificates APEX 2 : ISO-9001 (Y2014), ISO/TS 16949 (Y2014)
Environmental Certificate APEX 1 : ISO-14001 (Y2005)
Environmental Certificate APEX 2 : ISO-14001 (Y2013)
Green Product Certificates Canon (April 2005), Sony (May 2006)
Production Base Kingdom of Thailand
Products Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

Company History

year 2006

● New senior management team is put in place ● BOI approves 5 year tax-exemption privilege for plant B ● ISO/TS-16949 is certified in May 2006 ● Sony Green Partner (GP) is certified in April 2006

Year 2007

● First full year of mass production in plant B ● Established Joint Venture with ISM, Ltd. to target Multinational Companies ● Invest with ADT to purchase 20 drill machines

Year 2008

● Plant C (C-1) construction is completed in Oct 2008 ● Monthly capacity increased to 145 KM² in Nov 2008 ● New customers: Western Digital, Technicolor, Samsung, Canon

Year 2009

● Plant C (C-2) is completed in Dec 2009 to increase capacity ● Acquired ADT, increased drilling capacity and improved profitability ● Sales and Marketing agreement with KFE to target specific Japanese customers ● New customers: Hitachi HDD, Panasonic, Pace ● Established Apex International Co., Ltd. (API) for group restructuring and

Year 2010

● Additional investment in ADT (from 21.22% to 49%) ● Increased capital of API to NT$ 842.5 million and APT to Baht 861.6 million ● Expanded monthly production capacity from 145 M² to 165 M² in Feb 2010 ● Further expansion of capacity to 200 KM² per month in Aug 2010 ● Set up Taiwan Office

Year 2011

● Expanded production capacity from 200K M² to 250K M² per month ● Plant E is completed in Sep 2011 to increase capacity of inner layer production in order to support the increased demand of 4 and 6 layer PCB’s ● Purchased land in Q3 2011 located in Sinsakorn Industrial Estate (Area: 89,500 M²) for future expansion (Apex 2) ● Set up Approach Excellence Trading Ltd. as 100% owned subsidiary company which will take charge of dealing with Taiwan suppliers ● IPO listing in Taiwan on 18th Oct 2011

Year 2012

● Begin construction on new factory Apex 2 ● Acquired ADT and increase total 185 drilling machines for drilling capacity ● Purchase Ampoc etching lines, additional AOI and AVI for enhanced capability ● Invested 50MTHB for building sub-station for electrical savings. ● Begin usage of Apex 2 warehouse by Nov 2012

Year 2013

● Completed Apex 2 factory(Phrase 1) building in June, started renovation and machine installation in stages ● 4 Face Buddha installation ceremony in Apex 2 on Oct 2014 ● Started pilot run and testing for Inner, Plating and Drilling process in Apex 2 ● Full process trial run and testing for Apex 2 from Nov 2014 ● Plan to start production in Apex 2 Q1 2014

Year 2014

● Apex 2 officially began the 2-1 (Phase 1) production from Q1 ● Expanded production capacity from 250K M² to 320K M² per month from Q2 ● Apex 2 acquired income tax exemption for 8 years

Year 2015

● Apex 2 officially began the 2-2 production (Phase 1) from Q2 ● TWSE listing in Taiwan on 8th September (from OTC) ● Set up Apex Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in November (100% owned by Apex Thailand)

Year 2016

● Apex 2 officially began the 2-2 production (Phase 2) from Q2 ● Expanded production capacity from 350 M² to 390 M² per month from Q2 ● Apex 2 officially began the 2-3 production (Phase 1) from Q4 ● Expanded production capacity from 390 M² to 460 M² per month from Q4


Process Capability

Technology Item Current Process Capability On-going Development
Layer Count 2~12 Layers 14~20 Layers
Min. Finished Hole Size 0.2 mm 0.15 mm
Max. Aspect Ratio 6 : 1 8 : 1
Min. Board Thickness (Final) 0.45 mm 0.30 mm
Max. Board Thickness (Final) 2.0 mm 3.0 mm
Min. Core Thickness 0.05 mm (Exclude Copper) 0.05 mm (Exclude Copper)
Min. Copper Thickness 0.5 oz 0.33 oz
Max. Copper Thickness 3 oz 5 oz
Min. Internal Layer Trace/Space 0.075 / 0.075 mm(3/3 mil) 0.063 / 0.063 mm (2.5/2.5 mil)
Min Outer Layer Trace/Space 0.075 / 0.075 mm(4/4 mil) 0.063 / 0.063 mm (2.5/2.5 mil)
Min SMD Size 0.2 mm (8 mil) 0.15 mm (6 mil)
Min. SMD Pitch 0.4 mm (16 mil) 0.35 mm (14 mil)
Hole Registration Tolerance 0.1 mm 0.075 mm
Image Registration Tolerance 0.037 mm 0.037 mm
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance 0.037 mm 0.037 mm
Min. Solder Dam 3 mil (0.075 mm) 2 mil (0.05 mm)
Impedance Control 10% 8%
Blind Hole and Bury Hole No Yes
PCB Warp and Twist 0.50% 0.50%

Material Capability

Technology Item Current Process Capability On-going Development
FR-4 Yes Yes
CEM-3 Yes Yes
Halogen Free FR-4 Yes Yes
Min. Board Thickness (Final) Yes Yes
CAF Resistant Laminate Yes Yes
Rogers Yes Yes
Solder Mask (Normal) Yes Yes
Solder Mask (Halogen Free) Yes Yes
Lead Free FR-4 Yes Yes

Final Coating Capability

Technology Item Current Process Capability On-going Development
OSP Yes Yes
Immersion Silver Yes Yes
Immersion Gold Yes Yes
Carbon Ink Yes Yes
Peelable Mask No Yes
HALF Yes Yes
Immersion Tin Yes Yes
ENIG Yes Yes
Resin Plug Yes Yes
VIP Yes Yes

Management Team

Board of Directors is the core of APEX corporate governance system, provides strategic guidance for the operation of the Company and oversees the business performance of the Company's management. As the role of highest governance organization, there were three independent directors in the BOD, and through the Remuneration Committee, the Audit Committee and the Independent Internal Audit section to ensure that the company's business practices comply with the relevant laws and regulations and implement the following corporate governance objectives:

Wang, Shu Mu


Dept. of Business Mathematics, SooChow University

  • Chairman, Apex International Co., Ltd.

Dept. of International Business and Trade, Aletheia University

  • Director, Apex International Co., Ltd.

Chou, Jui Hsiang


Senior Management Team

James Cheng


Dept. of Applied Sciences Electronic Engineering, National Kaohsiung University
  • Director, Apex International Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Procurement Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

DC Chen


Dept. of Industrial Education, National Changhua University
  • Director, Apex International Co., Ltd.

Ozzy Lee


Dept. of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
  • Director, Apex International Co., Ltd.

Steven Yang


Dept. of Land Economics, National Chengchi University
  • Audit Managerial Personnel, Apex International Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Procurement Officer, Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Jeff Huang


Dept. of Business and Trade, Shih Chien University
  • Business Deputy Manager, Tripod Technology Corporation
  • Chief Manufacture Planning Officer, Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Roger Liu


Dept. of Political Science, National Taiwan University
  • Chief Business Officer, Unimicron Technology Corp.


Assessment of the comprehensiveness and reasonableness of the company’s internal control system and the effectiveness of task execution by each department.
Execution of internal audits, compilation of audit reports and provision of suggestions and improvement measures.
Promotion of corporate social responsibility and the ethical management policy.


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